A new home and a new life

Let's Build These Children a Home

Our newest Home of Hope—orphanage #8—will provide safe shelter and healthcare for these children, and many more once the building is constructed.They have suffered enough in their young lives, through no fault of their own.Some are HIV positive; all have lost parents. You, as part of the Homes of Hope family, can ensure that they do not also lose hope.

The state of Manipur has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS infection among vulnerable women and their children in India. With a safe and healthy place to live, our children at Imphal will feel the encouragement they need to overcome their challenging circumstances. They will know they are not alone.

It's simple: YOU are the difference in the lives of these children. Your generous donations will allow us to build safe housing--but your love will make it a Home of Hope. And when the orphanage is built and they know your name, your spirit, your love will be with them, every day.

In return, you will be in their prayers, each night before they go to bed. What a beautiful gift for you!

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