Provide education for Indian girls.

Support her education and build her future.

After primary and secondary school in India, the next steps are upper secondary school or technical school. Then, on to university. Our goals is to send every young woman to the school where her skills and interests can thrive, so that she may have a productive and joyful life.

A report from the US-India Policy Institute in Washington shows that only 3% of Indian women have access to a college education. We can support these young women in building a foundation for their future, preparing them to become educated, community leaders. (From the Times of India, January 2014.)

With just $1,000, you can sponsor a girls' annual tuition and fees, books and transportation, opening access to opportunity and a skill or profession.

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Supported by 8 Donations:

  • Donald V.
    I Gave $3,000
  • Penelope G.
    I Gave $1,000
    My mother was abandoned at age 4 by her father. This gift is in her memory to honor her courage and love as a mother and role model.
  • Silhouette
  • Laura Z.
    I Gave $50
  • Jan C.
    Helping others as a Nurse is a blessing.
  • MARY A B.
    I Gave $500
    Keep up the wonderful work for the poor girls of India & their wonderful nuns.
  • Vona S.
    I Gave $1,000
    I have wished for years to help a girl continue her education, as I am so grateful for my own. Much love!
  • Silhouette
    I Gave $1,000
    I recently visited India and am so happy to have a way to help these lovely girls.